I am the dogsbody and occasional polar bear. I helped gather together the rather wonderful stalls. On the day I will be rushing around trying to be useful.
I have been the organiser of the workshop events, the information area, the raffle and co-ordinator of the children’s area. On the day I will be behind my own stall! Being a bit of a creative fanatic, I hope to have time to make some cheery decorations to hang around the space to add to the groovy atmosphere.

I am liaising with the stall holders after the booking is finished and during the day and generally helping up where help is needed.

I am responsible for the tech side, setting up and administrating the homepage, brownpaperticket page, events on social media and helping here and there where ever it is needed. On the day I will make sure that the workshops run smoothly.
In past years I’ve been part of the general organising team. This year I’ve specifically been running the Twitter campaign and the Facebook page, with the aim of getting organisations to connect with each other and grow their networks, as well as advertise the fair as much as possible. I’m not sure what I’ll be doing on the day, wait and see…