Alien Spoons
Alien Spoons? Well it’s easy to remember…and some of the knife grips feel a bit alien when you first try them, but we are really about the traditional craft of spoon carving and using local and sustainable wood to make spoons and other utensils, coat hooks, bowls, etc.
Bambú (Living Sustainably) is a young start-up that aims to raise awareness in reducing plastic and packaging use by providing an alternative way of shopping plastic-free. We run package-free pop-up shops in various locations in Edinburgh (Leith, Newington, Stockbridge). We sell food such as staples (pasta, rice, pulses, oil), healthy snacks. As well as washing-up & cleaning refills, bee wax wraps, toiletries (shampoo bars, soaps, plastic-free deodorant, Ecoffee cups etc). We encourage customers to use existing or recycled jars to do the refills.
Edinburgh CAAT campaigns against arms manufacture and sales, especially where Scotland-based companies are involved, and against investment in the arms trade by the pension funds of public bodies, including the Scottish Government and local authorities. CAAT has a successful record of challenging the UK Government on its shady involvement in the arms trade.
Changeworks is an environmental charity that helps people to live and work more sustainably by supporting them to reduce waste and be more energy efficient. Visit our stalls to have your recycling and household energy use questions answered. We’ll have fun games, top tips and freebies to give away to help you cut waste, save money and stay warm at home.
Compassion Edinburgh – Local Volunteer Group supports Compassion in World Farming
A global movement for change in food and farming. Factory farming is a major driver in the decline of the world’s wildlife and thereby ecosystem collapse, which is why to preserve the natural world and future food supplies we need to stop factory farming. By doing this we will improve the lives of billions of farm animals, save wildlife, improve people’s health and help secure a healthy environment.
East Coast Organics runs the capitals favorite box scheme.
All deliveries within 30 mile radius of farm and delivered by our pollution free electric vans. Buying direct can work out half the price of supermarket organics.
20 year on going campaign to keep Scotland GM free.
Get 20% off your first order at the Eco Fair. We will have selection of boxes to view, some apples to taste from our orchard & small amount of produce for sale.
Logo Eco Congregation Scotland Eco Congregation is a charity raising the profile of environmental issues within religious communities. We have over 470 registered churches across Scotland. At regular events across the country we encourage reuse and recycling, care for the environment and discussions on eco-issues. Our network of volunteers challenge church communities to look more deeply at how they can care for the world. Come to our stall to chat with us, share ideas, and learn what we are doing in your neighbourhood!
Edinburgh Community Food
Visit our stall to hear the work that we do in the local community to get people into healthy food and healthy food into people!  You will also have the opportunity to buy our vegan friendly Take & Make Meal Packs. These have everything needed to make a delicious, nutritious meal at affordable prices. They’re great for busy people, who care about eating fresh, healthy, home-cooked meals on a budget. Free tasters on offer!
Logo for Edinburgh Garden Partners Edinburgh Garden Partners are looking for volunteers! If you’ve been waiting for an allotment or keen to have a go at growing your own produce come and have a chat with us. We create unique community connections through garden sharing. Our garden partnerships support health and well-being for both garden owner and volunteer, and inspire meaningful friendships across generations.
Edinburgh Real Nappy Community is a volunteer-run group which supports parents and parents-to-be who choose to use washable, cloth nappies and to promote their use. We run events across the local area to provide advice and second-hand nappy sales. An estimated 450,000 disposable nappies (made of plastic and paper) are sent to landfill every day in Scotland alone and take between 50 to 100 years to decompose. The huge environmental impact of disposable nappies is one of the reasons that an increasing number of people are now choosing cloth nappies for their babies.
Extinction Rebellion is an international movement that uses non-violent civil disobedience in an attempt to halt mass extinction and the risk of social collapse. Time is running out and we are doing something about it. Come and find out how you can get involved in Extinction Rebellion Edinburgh! Everyone welcome.
Logo for FreeBotanical FreeBotanical
Friends of the Earth Scotland exists to campaign, with partners here and across the globe, for a just transition to a sustainable society. Our vision is of a world where everyone can enjoy a healthy environment without exceeding their fair share of the planet’s resources, now and in the future. We’re calling for a just transition to a 100% renewable, nuclear-free, zero-fossil-fuel Scotland.
We will provide an opportunity for people to learn more about our campaigns and ways to get involved in and support our work.
Hadeel is a Fair Trade shop which aims to provide a sustainable source of income for Palestinian craftspeople working with social enterprises in the West Bank, Gaza, as well as one in the Galilee and another in the Negev. Some of the handmade products we have include olive wood crafts, embroidery, felt, olive oil soaps and more. We are a member of BAFTS and supply other fair trade shops and individual fair traders as well as Palestinian solidarity groups.
Lather and Smudge is an Edinburgh based soap-making business. Our soaps are handcrafted using the finest ingredients nature has to offer. Lather and Smudge uses traditional soap-making techniques with a modern twist in our designs. The soaps are scented with 100% natural essential oils and coloured using charcoal, clays and plant infusions. Our aim is to deliver the highest quality product in the most sustainable, eco-friendly way. All our products are vegan, palm oil free and avoid plastic packaging.
Logo for Marine Conservation Society The Marine Conservation Society is the UK’s leading charity for the protection of our seas, shores and wildlife. For over thirty years MCS has been the voice for the sea for all the fascinating creatures that live beneath the waves, for our breath-taking coastal environment, for all those who make a sustainable living from the sea and for everyone who simply enjoys visiting the beach and our glorious coastline.
One World Shop
Promoting fair trade foods and crafts from Asia, Africa and South America since 1983.
Visit our stall for a colourful selection of fairly traded crafts and foods. See our selection of recycled gifts made from tin cans, bicycle chain, keys, crayons and saris. We have delicious chocolates, mulled wine spices and coffees plus felt decorations, stocking fillers, jewellery and of course a wide range of bamboo socks, perfect for Christmas. We have recently moved back into a stunning new shop space at St John’s Church on Princes Street, well worth a visit!
Logo for OneKind OneKind is Scotland’s leading animal campaigns charity. We are based in Edinburgh, with volunteers across Scotland and the UK, and our work covers Scotland’s wildlife, farm animals, pets and lab animals. We expose cruelty and persecution through our investigations and research, and aim to end it for good by giving Scotland’s animals a voice. Formed in 1921, we’ve been making a difference to animals for over a hundred years.
Permaculture Scotland Permaculture Scotland is the network body representing the views and interests of practical activists who believe in the potential for regenerative design skills to bring about ecological justice. At the stall we will have volunteers from the Permaculture Scotland Working Group talking about our 2020 Gathering in Findhorn, ways to contribute at the national level and information on our network of Permaculture Demonstration Hubs. We will also be joined by volunteers from two local groups: The Permaculture Community Classroom – an autonomous permaculture education collective, and the permaculture design and teaching firm NonStuff Industries.
Pretty Pink Eco-Jewellery
We design and make eco-jewellery made of seeds and nuts from South America. We source our materials from small cooperatives in Ecuador and Colombia and make everything here in Edinburgh. We are a small team of 2 and aim to have a high quality and unique range of products!
At Rawsmary we carefully blend nuts, seeds, fresh and dried fruit into sweet treats – balls, truffles, cakes, brownies and chocolates – that are healthy, organic, dairy, soy and gluten free and contain no refined sugar. Then we add heaps of love and superfoods too, nothing artificial, just what’s good for you. Handmade sweets in their pure raw vegan form, which preserves all the natural power, nutrients, enzymes and vitamins.
Logo for Remode Collective Remode Collective is a Community Interest Company set up to explore ways to re-purpose textiles locally and build new skills, while celebrating multicultural diversity.
We are based in Edinburgh and we offer a range of creative workshops, classes, community projects end events, as well as collect leftover and unwanted textiles to produce handmade and unique items.
RSPB Scotland is part of the RSPB, the UK’s largest nature conservation charity, inspiring everyone to give nature a home. Together with our partners, we protect threatened birds and wildlife so our towns, coast and countryside will teem with life once again. We play a leading role in BirdLife International, a worldwide partnership of nature conservation organisations.
Logo for Scot E3 Scot.E3 is a is a group of rank and file trade unionists, activists and environmental campaigners. We campaign for climate jobs and a just transition to a zero carbon economy.
Logo for Scottish CND Scottish CND works for the abolition of nuclear weapons, bases and alliances in the UK and the world and is a partner of the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize organisation ICAN. We aid work in promoting the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons through opposing the manufacture, stockpiling, testing, use and threatened use of nuclear weapons by any country. We offer a range of merchandise to raise funds and spread the message of our work from campaign t-shirts to badges and reports.
Scottish Wildlife Trust
We have been protecting Scotland’s wildlife for the future for over 50 years. Our vision is for a connected network of healthy, resilient ecosystems supporting Scotland’s wildlife and people. We will achieve our vision through championing the ecological, moral, social and economic reasons to protect and restore nature. Demonstrating best practice in practical conservation and the creation of Living Landscapes and Living Seas and inspiring people to experience, learn about and care for wildlife and wild places. We have 120 reserves throughout Scotland.
Logo for sfbbooks SFBBooks is a not for profit mobile bookshop. Currently we have around 1500 second hand and 500 new titles in stock. We specialise in left wing books.
Spirit Tree Natural Skincare is a small Scottish business designing and producing handmade, natural soaps. We do not use any synthetic or chemical ingredients in our products and use inspiration from the healing power of nature instead. As a result our products are suitable for the most sensitive skin. Our background in conservation science influences our choices and we aim to reduce, reuse and recycle where ever we can to reduce our environmental footprint and encourage others to do the same. More information about our work can be found on our website and social media channels.
Logo for Spokes Spokes is a cycling campaigning group in Edinburgh and the Lothians. We produce specialist water and tear-resistant maps of these areas showing off-road and quiet routes for cycling and walking, as well as free factsheets covering topics including cycling for tenement dwellers, e-bikes and workplace cycling. Our stalls maps are sold at a discount, compared to their bike shop price. We also have bulletins with the latest news on campaigns and developments.
Upcycled World is based in St Margaret’s House on London Road and we run fun and creative upcycling classes and parties for the public and organisations across Scotland. We have a slight addiction to upcycling things and helping people. We run various types of classes and parties, such as furniture painting, eco jewellery making, dream catchers, jewellery making techniques, making handmade paper, book binding, sewing and refashioning clothes. We also make and sell upcycled items. Come visit us at our stall and join us for the t-shirt bag making workshop!
Logo for Veelow Veelow Sustainable Store offers products that help to reduce plastic towards a more sustainable future. The store is made up of all things that ‘we love’ which promote a zero waste lifestyle.
We are a company in the north-east of Scotland starting up to create awareness of sustainable materials – we offer sustainable clothes made from bamboo, hemp, organic cotton, recycled polyester, rayon, tencel and wonder wool. Other items include refillable make-up with bamboo packaging and our very own Veelow signature stainless steel re-useable water bottle and bento lunch box.
You will find Veelow travelling to food fairs offering wholefoods in refill jars and produce bags. Come by our stall to check out all our sustainable items on sale!
The Woodland Trust is the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity working towards protecting, restoring and creating native woodland. We have over 1,000 sites covering 26,000 hectares all over the UK and we campaign on behalf of this country’s woods, plant trees and restore ancient woodland for the benefit of wildlife and people.
Our vision is a UK rich in native woods and trees, for people and wildlife.
Come and visit us at the Edinburgh Eco-fair and find out what you can do to help and how to get involved.