Clothes swap

We are very happy to again have a clothes swap at the Ecofair, as it was much loved and used by people last year!

It is organised by Granton Goes Greener, which is a project with the Swap Shop (very recently renamed Share and Wear) being a core part of it. We have started 1,5 year ago and the project was founded by CCF.

Our main objectives were:

  • running the swap shop,
  • encouraging recycling and up-cycling,
  • running and organising cycling tours (4 during the year founded by CCF) as well as bike repairing session (4 during 1 year).


We have been also distributing rescued bread donated and collected by our volunteer every Thursday from Baynes Bakeries.

At the moment we are founded by Robertson Trust and Go For It.


We still

  • run the Swap Shop,
  • do rescued bread distribution,
  • supply free sanitary products and food donated by different supermarkets/ Fare Share.

We just received additional funds from the council to do 6 weeks sewing classes and buy some sewing equipment for the project.

We are now focusing more on community engagement and working with volunteers.