Arty area

Free – All ages – All day drop-in

Relax and create at the Arty Area, priority given to children and younger people (who remain the responsibility of their guardian) but anyone is welcome if space permits 🙂


There will be a selection of paper, crayons and paint for you to get creative with as well as toys to play with.



From forests further afield we have some orangutan visitors…but they’re all in bits! Colour one in and use butterfly pins to join it together so it can swing all the way home with you…


It’s Funky Fox Time!
Come and hang out with us in our forest-themed Arty Area where you can glue and stick yourself a patchwork fox using flour-glue to stick foxy coloured fabric scraps onto a cardboard template.


‘The moose fund a nut and the nut wis braw…’

A hazel nut helped the mouse get out of a fix in The Gruffalo’s Child. And trees are so important in helping us and the rest of the world try to get out of the climate change fix – the world’s forests contain more carbon than exploitable oil, gas and coal deposits. If you plant a tree when you’re 10 it could have sequestered a tonne of carbon by the time you turn 50. And it all begins with nuts. Here we will have acorns, hazel nuts and other tree seeds for you to plant in peat free compost and take away with you to grow on.